Advanced Filter in Excel

Advanced Filter in Excel

The advanced filter is the best solution for the multi-criteria filter. Instead of using basic filter function of MS Excel and applying filter at multi level one by one you can use Advanced Filter option to do the process in one step.

I have taken some random data to show how to use Advanced Filter. You can follow the steps mentioned bellow.


Step 1: Copy the headers and paste somewhere in the same sheet and go to Data Menu and select Advanced


Step 2: Click where mouse pointer (List Range) is pointing. Make sure that “Filter the list, in-place” must be selected under Action. In the upcoming post I will discuss “Copy to another location”.


Step 3: Select the columns (In this case it is from column A to G) where your data is

Step 4: Click where the mouse pointer is pointing

Step 5: Repeat step 2, step 3 and step 4 for Criteria Range but here the range will be New headers copied with one extra row (In this case it is $I$1:$O$2) and Press OK

Step 6: Now, You can insert the criteria (One or more than one criteria). In this case I am taking East under Region field. After inserting criteria go to Advanced Filter option again and Press OK

Step 7: Here, You can see result based on one criteria.

Step 8: Insert two criteria or more, go to Advanced Filter and press Ok and you can see the result based on two criteria.

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