How to compare two Lists in MS Excel

How to compare two Lists in MS Excel

There are many ways to compare two lists but the easiest way to compare two lists is by using conditional formatting with the help of “Countifs” function. You can follow the steps to compare your lists.

I have taken two lists (List1 and List2). The list1 is the main data list where all the data is present and List2 is the data which is to be compared with List1. In other words, we have to highlight List1 wherever our List2 data is located in List1.


Step 1: Select entire column A

Step 2: Go to conditional formatting

Step 3: Select New Rule

Step 4:  Click on “► Use a formula to determine which cells to format (Text)” in “New”

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Step 5: Type “=Countifs(F:F,$A1″)” in the box

Step 6: Click on “Format… (Button)”

Step 7: Go under Fill Tab and choose your colour

Step 8: Press OK

Step 9: Again Press OK

Here is your Result


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